Our Vision

To have a just, resilient and socially inclusive society for sex workers.

By providing a solid leadership platform for empowerment, active engagement, health advocacy and sex workers human rights at the coastal region of Kenya.

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My Body, My Business.

Coast Sex Workers Alliance is a grassroots Female Sex Workers led organization that works to champion for Human and Health Rights of sex workers at the Coastal region of Kenya. COSWA has a diverse membership of sex workers from all the six counties of the Coastal region of Kenya in all their different marginalization which includes; 1. Young Sex Workers, 2. PLHIV SW, 3. SW Who use drugs, and; 4. Transgender women.

Health Rights

Strengthening delivery of quality and integrated HIV, Sexual and Reproductive Health Services and GBV related health services.

Human Rights & Advocacy

Promote Community participatory, Local Activism integration approach and engaging in effective policy and advocacy processes for the sex workers at the county and Coast region by promoting standardized human rights practices towards Sex workers groups.

Alliance Building

Creating spaces for building feminists movements by providing a solid Leadership platform for active engagements amongst sex workers.



COSWA works with sex workers from the coastal region through representation of different sex workers led organizations in 6 counties.

1. Bomu sex workers, 2. Smart girls, 3. Usiku sacco sex workers, 4. Kisumu ndogo sex workers, 5. Single ladies, 7. Chaani PTC, E.T.C
1. Warembo sex workers, 2. Hope sex workers, 3. Exodus sex workers, 4. Shalom sex workers, 5. Badilika young ladies
In Kwale County, we have the following organizations or groups; 1. Kwale sex workers, 2. Tumaini princess and 3. Kwale pioneers
Taita Taveta
1.Tunaweza sex workers and 2. Sisterhood sex workers
In Lamu County we only have Muamko Mpya CBO in our CDN.
Tana River
In Tana River County we have informal Sex Workers led groups.

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