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  • Outreach efforts to reach unreached sex workers
  • Health Education sessions for newly recruited Sex workers to ensure a uniform level of health information amongst the Sex workers population.
  • Advocacy & Networking Activities- COSWA in conjunction with other civil society members participates in network forums to lobby for certain benefits & rights of sexual minorities. This has enabled International Day to End Violence against Sex workers be included in the county calendar for the 16 days of Activism in Mombasa.
  • Sensitization workshops for Sex Workers - formal workshops/forums that will give more detailed health/legal information and impact basic health skills for select sex workers.
  • Joint sensitization forums between gatekeepers/police and sex workers- are workshops which aim at breaking the boundaries that exists between law enforcers and Key Populations, particularly sex workers. These forums bring about better understanding of the two groups and helps establish and build relationships in order to minimize the harassment that has traditionally plagued the relationship between the two groups. We will use such forums to enlighten both groups about what the Kenyan laws say about sex work and helps make clearer some often grey areas of law that are often prone to misinterpretations and the subsequent miscarriage of justice.
  • Community Support-groups sessions: - We support group therapy sessions for Sex Workers who are already HIV positive. These forums will enable sharing of personal experiences as well as health education that is relevant to the needs of persons living with HIV/AIDS.
  • CBOs -to-CBOs Peer support system strengthening: – using earlier trained Sex Workers peer educators; we will ensure that critical health & sexual materials like IECs, condoms and lubricants are availed to sex workers at their places of need.
  • Legal and Psycho Social Support Services – COSWA engages with  lawyers and Psychological Counselors on a need-basis to handle and guide us and our beneficiaries on legal matters that concern sexual minorities. This consultant has to spend a lot of time mainly with sex workers either training them or addressing their legal needs.
  • Economic Empowerment program: - COSWA encourages and support its Sex Workers Networks to involve in economic and income generating projects for the benefit of their sex workers networks/Alliance as a key important link in sustaining positive behavior change as well as minimizing human rights violations.
  • Sports for Behavior Change (S4BC) Activities- Sports provides an interactive avenue to bring sexual minorities, networks and their stakeholders together. This is done through volleyball/ football tournaments, sex workers will get to know one another in a simple yet very permanent way
  • Social & Community events- COSWA will contribute to stigma reduction through getting sex workers and the police to participate in community events. As a major player in the civil society in Coastal region, COSWA will participate in joint social and community events whose objectives are to commemorate important HIV & human rights calendar events and other important social occasions. This way, we are able to inform others about our work while also using such forums to involve - and hence integrate - our beneficiaries (sex workers & the police) in community events thus demystifying sexual minorities generally within the civil society circles as well as reducing stigma and discrimination directed towards them.
  • TV & Radio Talk Shows- COSWA will take the initiative to collaborate with local Television/radio stations to help create awareness on sex work issues in relation to health, human rights, legal issues and especially members of the society and their contribution in community policing in helping reduce crime through the different partners they engage with.

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We envision a just, Resilient, and socially inclusive society for Sex workers in the entire region.

A just resilient and socially inclusive society for sex workers as we strive to provide a solid leadership platform for empowerment, active engagement, health advocacy and sex workers human rights in the coastal region.

Our Slogan:  My Body, My Business

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