Our Background

COSWA-K’s Old Logo (2021 and before)

Before Coast Sex Workers Alliance of Kenya (COSWA-K) was formed, there were numerous cases of Human rights violations against Sex Workers in the entire coastal region of Kenya, sex workers were raped, arbitrary arrested and in most cases murdered and so many of these atrocities would go unnoticed or unreported simply because the community chose to turn a blind eye on the issues affecting sex workers. The justice system criminalizes our entire existence and that is amongst the major reasons why sex workers’ rights continue to be infringed. Back in 2015 a Female Sex Worker was brutally murdered at a club in Mombasa famously known as Casablanca, this is when sex workers in Mombasa decided that enough is enough! Ten sex workers from Mombasa County came together to strategize on ways that they can stop the killings and abuse of sex workers and they realized that the program has to be beneficial for Sex Workers in the entire Coastal Region hence the name Coast Sex Workers Alliance. COSWA was officially registered as the Coast Smart Women Against HIV/AIDS/STIS in 2016 but our Operational name remains as Coast Sex Workers Alliance of Kenya (COSWA-K).